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  • 10/2020: About to start a new PDRA post at the Computer Science Department, University of Liverpool in Jan. 2021, working on projects with Prof. Sven Schewe and Dr. Xiaowei Huang. Looking forward to it!

  • 08/2020: Our journal paper “Assessing Safety-Critical Systems from Operational Testing: A Study on Autonomous Vehicles” (an extension of our ISSRE2019 paper) is accepted by Information and Software Technology. Our friends from CSR, City UoL made a significant contribution. Here is a preprint version.

  • 07/2020: Our paper “Interval Change-Point Detection for Runtime Probabilistic Model Checking” is accepted by ASE2020. A first joint paper with our York friends at TASP – hopefully many more to come! Here is the accepted manuscript.

  • 04/2020: Our paper “A Safety Framework for Critical Systems Utilising Deep Neural Networks” is accepted by SafeComp2020. Many thanks to my co-authors for their great efforts. Here is a preprint.

  • 02/2020: Give a talk at the TASP: Trustworthy Adaptive and Autonomous Systems & Processes research group, University of York. The topic is “Robust Bayesian Estimators for Transition Parameters in Probabilistic Model Checking”, here is the slides.